Learn How To Cycle Faster

3 Ways to Cycle Faster

For many cyclists, being able to bike faster is a goal that they continually reach for. Both beginners and pros are always asking themselves, “How can I get faster?” Once a milestone is achieved, another one is made; there is an inherent need to keep gaining new heights, new distances and faster times.

In order to achieve these milestones, training is crucial. There are 3 fundamentals that cyclists can incorporate into their training routine. You might think of these as raw fundamentals of a training program.

Motivation and Consistency

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Consistency in your training regimen is the number one key to improving your cycling performance. Cycling for one hour a day will give you greater results than cramming all of your training into a 7 hour session one day for a week. Consistency creates the progressive training load you need to adapt and get stronger. It’s also much more healthy and easier on your body. When you train on an intermittent basis, it can cause detraining between sessions and overload your body to the point where it will not be able to perform short-term recovery.

Finding consistency will also help your motivation. Make your workouts fun, change things up regularly and work on setting each goal you set for yourself. Skipping workouts are the result of becoming bored with your routine.

If you find that time is tight during the week, try to get 3 shorter, intense workouts into your schedule. If you can’t get outside, use a trainer; just make sure you get some sort of workout in. Once the weekend arrives, you can go for longer rides and work on your endurance training.

Planning and Purpose

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If you hop on your bike in the morning not knowing what training you’re going to do that day, you are limiting your potential to progress to the next level. But if you invest on a coach or training plan to create a workout structure, you will be adding some value every time you get on your bike and train. Think about your purpose every day. What is it that you want to achieve? Is your training structured enough to reach your goal each day? Are you working towards both speed and fitness, or are you just wasting time without any progress? This is known as a fitness plateau and will never advance you to the level that you want to be at.

Whether you invest your money on a coach, training plan, or you want to structure your own training, you must find your purpose and understand what you want to achieve. You must be willing to devote the time and effort necessary in order to reach the goals you set for yourself.

Invest on a Training Device

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Devices such as power meters can help you train smarter. Power meters have become a hot topic in the cycling world lately and have given the heart rate a whole new value. Power meters are a great way to quantify and measure performance. More watts equals more speed. These devices can bring structure to your training, by defining wattage goals that are realistic for the incremental improvement that your body undergoes.

Be careful, though, not rely too heavily on power data. In doing so, you can lose your feeling of training. One of the most crucial gauges in training is listening to your body’s signals and being aware of how you feel. Creating body awareness can ensure that you are training at the level that is right for you.

Incorporating these three basic elements into your training will help ensure that your training regimen is one that will help you achieve greater distance, stamina and speed on a bike. It is a valuable program that any training program can be structured upon. Want more advice? You can contact me through here.

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