Cycling Workout For Fat Burning

cycling to burn fat

Whenever you feel like cycling in a gym or do it outdoors, you will be able to burn off your excessive fat from your body. But if you just simply pedal, you will definitely not lose the fat that you want to lose. In order effectively lose more fat, you’ll have to set the right time for your meals and do the right cycling workout.

Cycling Without Eating To Burn Even More Fat

cycling without eating

When you ride your bicycle and cycle with your stomach empty can strategically burn more calories during the workout. Kevin Deeth, a certified trainer said doing moderate cardio when your stomach is not full can actually lose more fat than when you are full. While it is true you mustn’t do an intense workout when you’re hungry, going out for a short ride before you have your breakfast will certainly give you an addition boost to burn some fat. In the meantime, if you want to have the same result and you don’t want have morning exercises then you’ll need to rest a few hours after your last meal before you exercise.

Use Natural Fat Burner Like Green Tea Fat Burner For Cycling

cycling with natural fat burner

Getting extra help from the Green Tea Fat Burner made by Applied Nutrition isn’t a bad idea. Lately we have been hearing good news and reviews from critics about its pros and cons. However, the overall results are not exaggerated, and you can easily make your purchase at online stores.

Intervals Are Necessary To Burn More Fat

It is recommended to add intervals to your cycling workout to get your excessive fat and calories burned, but only do micro intervals when your stomach is empty to avoid getting yourself overexerted. Start your warm up at slow pace then slowly move to moderate pace. Return to your moderate pace after sprinting for twenty to thirty seconds intervals during the workout.

Cycling Uphill To Challenge Yourself

cycling uphill

If you’re a outdoor rider, you can lose more fat and calories by cycling uphill which will give you more challenge during your workout. If you love doing indoors with a stationary bike instead, set your settings similar to riding uphill. Remember to make sure that it is challenging enough to make you feel like burning from your body. However, you definitely need to keep it short because you’re doing it with an empty stomach. Continue reading “Cycling Workout For Fat Burning”

5 Exercises To Build A Better Body For Cycling

exercises for cycling

If you are a competitor, wanting to win your next race, there are specific exercises you need to do in order to be able to cycle better, faster and blow your competition away. Spending hours on your bike may not be enough anymore, especially if you have been biking for a long time. You may need to ramp things up a bit. For maximum results, combine both strength training and cardio. Try these 5 exercises to get in better shape for cycling.

1.Core: Many trainers still believe that floor ab work is best, as opposed to modern-day abs machines. It looks like those old-fashioned crunches on the floor still give the best results. Lie on the floor, or a mat, with your hands behind your head. Curl your torso forward toward your knees, making sure to bring your shoulders 6 inches off the ground; don’t sit up entirely. Hold this move for a few seconds, pressing your lower back to the floor. Return to the start position. You should do at least 200 crunches every day.

2.Hamstrings: You can do these in a gym. Leg work is one of the most important areas of the body to get in shape when you’re looking to improve your cycling performance. Leg Curls – find a leg curl machine, and adjust the machine to your desired weight resistance. Lie face down and place your legs beneath the padded lever. Hold the handles at the side of the machine; as you breathe out, curl up your legs as far as they can go, without letting go of the lever. Hold this position for one minute, then lower your legs down as you inhale. Do three sets of 20.

3.Glutes: These can be done in a gym, or at home if you have a set of weights. Reverse lunge – get a set of dumbbells that are between 10 and 15% of your body weight. Stand with your feet hip-width apart; step back using your left leg into a reverse lunge position. Keep your back straight and shoulders level throughout the move. Come back to the starting position and repeat. Do three sets of 20 for each leg.

4.Deadlift: Use a barbell, with weights totaling about 45 pounds for this move; bend at your knees and hips; grab the bar. Arch your lower back slightly, but don’t bend your arms. Stand up slowly with the bar, without letting your lower back round. Hold this position for one second, and then lower the bar slowly. Do three sets of 20. Continue reading “5 Exercises To Build A Better Body For Cycling”