MBCnola Terms of service

We want this website to be helpful to you and everyone who are paying or going to pay a visit. Also, we need everyone to read the terms of service carefully since you already have agreed to these terms when you started visiting our website.

Every content of this website is only and only our property. You can’t use it anywhere else. You can’t change it in any manner for any other purposes. You can’t post or publish them anywhere else; you can’t use them for any other commercial purpose. If you do, you will be violating the law of conserving intellectual property.

Only you can copy the contents to your personal computer for your use only. You can’t violate any trademark or copyright issues. Everything you get from this website is licensed to you.

If you submit anything to our website, we are not bound to give you any compensation or authority for this content. We can use your shared ideas whenever and however wanted and you can’t sue us for this. Also we hold the authority the privacy policy of those shared contents.

If we want we can change any part of the website, we can delete or remove any part of this. We hold authority to make any change without any prior notice to you.

This agreement will be valid unless any party makes it null and void. A partial denial will still remain other terms applicable. We can change the terms simply updating this page. These terms are mentioned according to the government copyright acts. So, any violation will violate the government act and break law, so, it is recommended that you abide by the rules.

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